Mr Daniel Wales

Janeway College Teaching Officer in Economics

Daniel Wales is a Fellow and College Teaching Officer at Christ’s College. He is also a Janeway Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Economics.

Daniel’s research focusses on macroeconomics, with interests in both international and monetary economics. His work seeks to embed firm and household heterogeneity within economic models to uncover the implications and distributional consequences of macroeconomic policy. Daniel is currently investigating how incorporating changes to the quality of goods alters the dynamics of firm adjustment patters, and the consequences for policymakers. This work establishes an analytical framework for assessing firms’ choice of price, quantity and the quality of products, nested within the standard macroeconomic framework.

Prior to joining Christ’s, Daniel was a Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Economics and visiting lecturer in International Economics at the London School of Economics. For a number of years he also worked as an Economist in the International Directorate at the Bank of England. Daniel received a BSc from the London School of Economics, and MPhil (Research) from the University of Cambridge.