Dr Sean Fleming

Junior Research Fellow
Human, Social and Political Sciences
Sean Fleming

Sean’s work is on political theory, international relations, and technology. His book, Leviathan on a Leash: A Political Theory of State Responsibility, will be published by Princeton University Press in Fall 2020.

He has two ongoing projects. The first is about ‘neo-Luddism’, or anti-technological ideas, in the second half of the twentieth century.

The second project is about the extension of legal personhood to entities that are neither human nor corporate, such as robots and rivers.


Recent publications:

Forthcoming. “A Political Theory of Treaty Repudiation.” The Journal of Political Philosophy.

Forthcoming. “The Two Faces of Personhood: Hobbes, Corporate Agency and the Personality of the State.” European Journal of Political Theory.

2017. “Moral Agents and Legal Persons: The Ethics and the Law of State Responsibility.” International Theory 9 (3): 466-89.

2017. “Artificial Persons and Attributed Actions: How to Interpret Action-Sentences about States.” European Journal of International Relations 23 (4): 930-50.