Dr Ori Beck

Junior Research Fellow
Dr Ori Beck

Ori Beck is a student of the philosophy of mind, with particular interests in the philosophy of perception. His work concerns the question what must experiences be like, if we are to make sense of the epistemological roles they play in our mental lives? His doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh begins to develop an answer to this question, which highlights the relationship between our experiences and our capacities to tell how things are on their strength. Ori's current research projects harnesses this theory to illuminate various issues in epistemology, semantics and philosophy of mind, e.g., the epistemological significance of illusions, the role of experiences in demonstrative reference, and the dierent kinds of phenomenal characters had by experiences and super-experiential mental states. Ori also has professional interests in epistemology, the philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and the work of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.