Dr Andrew Coburn

Bye Fellow
Director of the Advisory Board, Centre for Risk Studies, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Andrew is a founder and member of the executive team of the Centre for Risk Studies at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He leads a research programme into the risk of catastrophic collapse of complex systems, such as the financial system, and business systems at risk from disruption from external threats. He chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for Risk Studies, interfacing between industry sponsors and the research team.

Andrew also maintains a position as Senior Vice President at Risk Management Solutions Inc. (RMS). RMS provides mathematical risk modelling for insurance and financial services companies, growing from a University start-up in the 1990s to a present day international business of more than a thousand employees. In his 16 year career at RMS he has managed the development of many risk models, ranging from natural catastrophes, to terrorism, infectious disease, longevity and others. Dr. Coburn is recognized as an authority on catastrophe risk modelling.

He served as a member of the Blackett Review Panel convened by Sir John Beddington, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, to address how the UK government can use risk analysis techniques to avoid strategic shock.

Andrew is an Editorial Board Member of Journal of Network Theory in Finance (publishers Risk.net), co-author (with R.J.S. Spence) of Earthquake Protection, (publisher John Wiley & Sons), and contributing author to Reinsurance, (publisher Witherby International).

Andrew originally studied architecture at Christ’s College, Cambridge, 1975-1978, before doing a Ph.D in Risk Management Policy at Darwin College, Cambridge.