Our Library

A library can be an important resource for your studies but we recognise that some students may feel intimated, embarrassed and overwhelmed by libraries and librarians. We understand  library anxiety that may come with using the library and we are here to help.

Tips on Library Anxiety


  • Recognize that what you're feeling is common and that you aren't alone

Many people feel overwhelmed by libraries. 


  • Ask a librarian for help.

You can send us an email (library@christs.cam.ac.uk ) or give us a call ( 01223 334905/ 01223 334950) to arrange an individual meeting with the librarians either in person, by phone or video call. We can  help you get accustomed to the library's space, procedures and resources.

We also welcome any non-medical workers or support workers to join in the meeting.

For access to the facilities or access for yourself or your non- medical worker or support worker please contact us.

You might also find it useful to look at our Accessibility Information page https://tinyurl.com/accesschrists


  • Ask your personal tutor or fellow students for help

If you are really struggling or feeling paralyzed when you try to do your library research, let your personal tutor.

Some of your fellow students might also be able to help.


  • Get comfortable with the space

When coming into the library take a moment to familiarise yourself with the space. A library space is not just for studying and storing books but can become a comfortable space for you to relax.

So take a moment to pick the right space for you.


  • Look at our library space before coming to the library

We have pictures of all the spaces in the library so you can easily familiarise yourself with the space before coming to the library.

We provide a number of additional services to help readers access our library resources. Some resources are available to all but others are only accessible once you are registered with the Disability ResourceCentre