• Summer Vacation Loans start 15 June and won't be due back until 5 October. Happy holidays. For any special arrangements please send an email to library@christs.cam.ac.uk


  • Christs-HP-Findme (LaserJet500 printer) has been removed from the Library Printing room. All printing should be directed to Christs-Lib BW/COL printer or Christs-Sharp- Findme printer.

We apologise for the inconvenience. If you have any questions concerning printing please do not hesitate to ask staff at library@christs.cam.ac.uk or Monday- Friday, 9-5 in the Library office.



General Library Information


  • Library Hours: The library will continue to open 24/7 to members of College. For visitors please contact staff prior to visiting the library at library@christs.cam.ac.uk. (15/3/22)


  • The exhibition "Poetry in Place" has now finished. Many thanks to the Assistant Librarian, Amy Leahy for the exhibition. For access to the Old Library, please contact library staff, at library@christs.cam.ac.uk. to book an appointment.  (9/6/22)


  • Additional Services: Please visit our new Assistive Resources/ Disability website for information on support services, library space and assistive services. It is inclusive to all members of College. 
COVID- 19 Measures


COVID-19 means that this is a strange new academic year for everyone in College, including the library.  We work with Christ's College and Government guidelines to bring you the safest study environment possible.


Key facts for Library Use during COVID-19:


  • We are still open 24/7 , you simply need to use your university card.

  • Library staff will continue to wear face coverings when at work.

  • We have sanitizing stations around the library.

  • We ask our users to wipe all surfaces before and after use.

  • We encourage users to wear masks. We have created a "masks only" space in the library's group study room for users that feel uncomfortable sitting among others who are not wearing masks


 If you have questions about any aspect of the library and its operations, please either come to the library (library staff are there from 9 a.m. until 5.15 p.m. on Mondays-Fridays), or send us a message at library@christs.cam.ac.uk.  (9/6/22)

Book Loans


  • Summer Vacation Loans start 15 June and won't be due back until 5 October. Happy holidays. For any special arrangements please send an email to library@christs.cam.ac.uk

  • Help: If you have any questions on book loans, your library account, having trouble with your book returns or borrowing, or you lost items, you can contact us in person or by email library@christs.cam.ac.uk. Library staff can access your account remotely and will be happy to help you through the process. 

Library Projects



  • Many thanks to our students who participated in the usability test and also our students who shared their comments. The feedback board has been a tremendous success . Please visit our feedback website for further information. 


Library Website





  • Information point for library services with quick guides, booklets and QR codes. Located at  the library entrance on the First Floor.

  • We have an ergonomic equipment collection and colored pads/printing paper for library use.

  • Added material to Wellbeing and Academic skills collections, part of  the General interest collection on the First Floor.

  • 3 new plants on Bath Court.



  • Weeding and tidying our collections.

  • Added videos on our Youtube channel  on library services.  (8/9/21)



  • Additional Library Services: Christ's library offers assistive services for Christ's members. We offer a "Click and Collect" and "Scan and Deliver" service for items to be pre ordered and then picked up from the reservation shelf in the library. For all services and questions visit our Assistive Resources website or send us an email at  library@christs.cam.ac.uk (26/1/2021, revised 24/3/2021)

Contact us: Please don't hesitate to contact us in person, by email or phone. We are always happy to help.