JOHN MILTON - 1608-2008

Welcome to the John Milton 400th Anniversary Celebrations organised by Christ's College, Cambridge.  A former student of the College, Milton is one of the most brilliant and influential English poets.  But he is of great importance as a political and religious thinker too, and was an intellectually dominant figure in one of the most turbulent periods in this country's history.  Our programme of events during 2008 aimed to span the full range of his achievements.  Through public lectures, concerts, readings, performances, and exhibitions we celebrated Milton's genius and drew attention to the breadth and vitality of his legacy.

These pages record the year of celebrations organised in 2008, offering podcasts and online versions of many events, and continue to provide a set of resources for those interested in Milton.  We also offer, in darkness visible, an exciting resource for school and university students working on Milton.  Follow the links on the left for further information on Milton, on our programme of events, and on the various resources available on this site.  The links on the right take you direct to multimedia content.

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