Covid-19 disruption and applying in Sept/Oct 2021

This page is for students who are considering an application to Cambridge in Sept/Oct 2021 for Oct 22 (or deferred Oct 23 entry).

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This page is to help students who are considering a Cambridge application in October 2021 for October 2022 entry (or even October 2023 deferred entry).

Although the exact situation, timing and restrictions vary from country to country, Covid-19 has certainly brought a lot of uncertainty and disruption worldwide. Please do not let this stop you thinking about your university options carefully and considering Cambridge, if appropriate.

Applying to Cambridge is always a bit of a leap, and right now it may seem a bigger leap than normal. We want to give you all the encouragement we can: For students applying in October 2021, your actual university study starting Oct 22 (or 23) is some way off, giving time for things to sort themselves out, but, importantly, for a strong application to a competitive university like Cambridge, you will need to do research and preparation this academic year. The Cambridge application deadline is 15 October 2021 (or even earlier in Sept 21 for some students applying for overseas interviews). There's no reason to panic, there is time, but equally count how many months from now until then - it's not that much time and to put yourself in the best position for an application, we recommend researching your options now.

The Christ's Admissions team is here for you and we aim to provide advice and updates through the year on this page as well as online events to help you to navigate current challenges, maximise your learning amidst disruptions to schooling and prepare for a strong application if you want to when the time comes.
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Please keep a record / log of disruption in preparation for your university application

For all periods of not attending school or your normal teachers not being able to teach you, please ensure that you keep your own written record of the actual disruption (including exact dates).

Disruption might include, but is not limited to, periods of self-isolation, lockdown in your country, disruptive teacher absences, school closures and disruptions to or cancellation of exams you were due to take.

Please also keep a log of what teaching & learning alternatives (if any) are provided by your school. Please note online learning resources or teaching provided, dates available etc.

We will ask you about disruption during the application process so it will be helpful if you have a record with precise information.

Studying at Home

We know that in countries where infection rates are high, many schools and colleges have had to close. If you are studying from home, please try not to worry. Make sure that you keep up with any work set by your teachers, and remember that all anybody can ask of you is that you do your very best in the circumstances.

Are you able to work with a friend (maybe digitally)? It doesn't matter whether or not they plan to make a Cambridge application, but it can be helpful to compare notes on schedule planning and timetables of study, especially if your friend is trying to work hard too. Check in on each other regularly to find out what you've both been learning and keep yourselves motivated. It often helps to discuss your work or other related material with a friend, or a group of classmates. Could you organise a chat group and find some relevant topics to research and then discuss together?

Don't forget that as well as any resources offered by your school, there are free on-line resources available on our website - see the online learning resources page, which directs you to the resources on each subject page (we are adding more too).

Course research from home

Now is a great time to start finding out about the courses available at Cambridge.

  • The central website has a page for each course including a course film
  • The Christ's website has subject pages too, and these include student profiles, how to apply for that subject at Christ's and subject-specific resources.

We encourage you to think about what subjects you already enjoy and to explore subjects and topics that interest you. Doing some reading or working on some problems in a subject is often a good way to find out if the material is interesting for you. As well as the helpful resources sections towards the end of our subject pages, you may like to look at this pdf of super curricular suggestions.

Online Open Days, webinars and virtual visits

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   We're doing regular webinars

It's not possible to visit the College at the moment but online events are advertised on our open days page including

  • Christ's regular webinars
    Normally advertised here a week or two before the event and details about the individual webinars are here.
  • Open Days (including online open days)
    See the open days page - the next big open days for all subjects, all backgrounds are the Cambridge Virtual Open Days on 5-18 July (Register here and see info and What's on at Christ's) and we also have a Christ's College Online Open Day on 10 Sept.
  • International webinars
    Booking is open for the Christ's International Webinars. Please see the details and booking forms.

Do also look at the visiting Christ's page to get some further ideas on how to find out more.

For your more general research on university options, you might be interested in online UCAS exhibitions.

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Student Q&A
The Cambridge University Virtual Tour Q&A with students, webinars & online open days


Work Experience

We understand that it is difficult to complete work experience at the moment and that there are fewer opportunities available. Please do not be concerned about this in the context of a future application. We will obviously understand that applicants who apply next year may have had limited work experience opportunities (this will affect a lot of students). Please also be assured that none of our courses require work experience before the start (not even Medicine). There are a range of ways to explore your interest in a subject, and work experience is only one of them.

A second point: here at Cambridge we have long vacations between our intensive eight-week terms, so if you would find it helpful to get some work experience once you have started a degree here, there will be time to do that. We have a very helpful careers service that helps current students to find placements during their degree (as well as careers after graduation).


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Sign up for ongoing support emails

Students who are currently in Year 11 or 12 (England and Wales; Year 12 & 13 Northern Ireland; S4/5 Scotland; US Grades 10-11; or equivalent) have the option to sign-up for regular emails from us.  This includes:

  • Regular emails (every 1-2 months) listing upcoming events such as taster days and summer schools (that you may be eligible for)
  • Advice and guidance for potential applicants tailored to the time of year
  • Christ's College's student support material
  • Notification of upcoming webinars relevant to you

To sign up for emails in 2020-21, please complete this form, which will both register you to receive the emails and allow us to tailor them to you!

Thank you for reading. We hope that this page has been helpful - we encourage you to refer back to it for further updates as we progress through the year. We would also like to wish you our sincere best wishes in these difficult times.

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