Covid-19 disruption and applying in Sept/Oct 2021

A page for Christ's applicants (who have submitted a UCAS application).

This page is where we'll be putting updates relating to Covid-19 and Mask on Darwin sculpturethe application process. The current circumstances vary quite a bit depending on which country you are in but we hope that the details here it will be helpful (and reassuring!) for everybody.


Updates box
  • The central office is offering an Applicant Webinar Series that you may find helpful. Recordings will be added to the page (normally within 48 hours) for ones that have already taken place.
    • In the first webinar, ignore the reference towards the end to the form with a deadline on 27 Oct - Christ's applicants (except those for the GMT+7 international interview scheme) only have deadlines on 15 Oct, 22 Oct and 4 Nov (but you'll answer the same questions). See the current applicants section for the info you need as a Christ's applicant.
  • What to do if you're struggling to register for a pre-interview Admissions Assessment due to local school closure / lockdown. See info below.
  • The curent applicants section is now available. Once you have sent your UCAS application, please go to it!
  • If you can get to Cambridge, it is now possible to visit Christ's. Please see our self-directed visit page.


Student and supervisor at picnic table in Third Court
   Outdoor supervision in Third Court!

Admissions Assessments

If your course requires a pre-interview Admissions Assessment you will need to be registered for this by the relevant deadline

Deadline Subjects
1 Oct
18:00 UK time
Computer Science*; Medicine*

15 Oct
18:00 UK time

Chemical Engineering, Economics; Engineering, English, Land Economy; Natural Sciences

*If you miss the deadline you can apply up to 15 October 18:00 UK time if you pay a late fee.

See how to register. If you are struggling to find a test centre due to school closures / local lockdowns please complete a help form on the exam board website. NB Don't be confused by the logo - Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is the exam board (they are like AQA, EdExcel etc for A levels). They are separate to us.

The assessments will take place on 3 or 4 November 2021 (exact date depends on which assessment you are sitting).


Educational Experience Survey

As part of the application process we will ask you to complete an Educational Experience survey to find out about your recent experiences and Covid-19 disruptions.   This is one of the 4 November deadlines in Stage 3 on the current applicants page.   If you have seen the Extenuating Circumstances form, note that this is for other Extenuating Circumstances as your Covid-19 disruption info will be collected via the Educational Experience Survey.


Interviews and at-interview Admissions Assessments

If you are selected for interview this year, note that the interviews will be online. If your subject has an at-interview assessment, that will also be conducted remotely. No students will travel to interview this year.

The university has a page about online interviews and please don't worry as the content will stay the same as for in-person interviews, and we'll provide information about the set-up when you are invited for interview. 

If you are invited for an international interview, see the international interviews page and the relevant international interviews team will give you the information you need about how your interview and at-interview assesssment (if relevant) will work.

For students invited for interviews organised as College interviews, as well as providing written information, we will run set-up webinars to make sure you know what to do. In short, please don't worry about the details at the current time! The info for having a remote at-interview Admissions Assessment and/or online interviews will be provided. There is info on the current applicants main page about receiving an invitation to interview (stage 4) and there is also subject info, most of which will also be updated nearer the time.

Seeing the College

If you can get to Cambridge, it is now possible to visit Christ's. Please see our self-directed visits page for details (and to avoid disappointment e.g. check opening times)

We have a College map and picture pages for First Court, Second Court, Third Court, New Court and the Fellows' Garden, as well as a section on Christ's facilities including pages on the Hall, Canteen, Working Library, Old Library, Law Library, Chapel, Theatre, Common Rooms, Café and Bar, Swimming Pool, Gym, Squash Court, Function Room, Sports Fields and Boathouse. There's a page on accommodation, and we also have a "made-from-home" film where our students talk about the College:

Do also look at the visiting Christ's page to get some further ideas on how to find out more.

Virtual Tour example screen

Student Q&A
The Cambridge University Virtual Tour Q&A with students


Work Experience

Two students sat at tale, both holding coffee cupsWe understand that depending on current circumstances in your country, it may be difficult to complete work experience at the moment and that there may have been  fewer opportunities available in the run-up to applications this year. If you wanted to do Work Experience, please do not be concerned about this as we will obviously understand that applicants may have had limited work experience opportunities (this will affect a lot of students) and there are no requirements (work experience is only one of many ways to explore a subject).

A second point: here at Cambridge we have long vacations between our intensive eight-week terms, so if you would find it helpful to get some work experience once you have started a degree here, there will be time to do that. We have a very helpful careers service that helps current students to find placements during their degree (as well as careers after graduation).

Subject-specific articles you may find helpful: Law, Medicine

Thank you for reading. We hope that this page has been helpful - we encourage you to refer back to it for further updates as we progress through the application process, especially if your local circumstances are difficult. We would also like to wish you our sincere best wishes in these difficult times.


Current applicants page / Stage 2 (22 Oct deadlines) / Stage 3 (4 Nov deadlines)