Covid-19 disruption - updates for current applicants

This page pulls together info relating to applying during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Welcome! Those of you who have been reading the Christ's website for a while will know that we've been running this updates page in an attempt to reassure / help you in the context of global Covid-19 disruptions. We are updating it as things progress.

We understand that circumstances are difficult at the moment, and that there are lots of pressures on you, your families and your schools.

We'll be running the application process as closely as possible to normal though inevitably there will be some changes. We encourage you to not let these changes distract you from the academic focus, however. We will need your patience with extra questions to answer in the early stages, and with a wait for detail on remote interviews, but we will keep you updated as well as we can.

Updates box
  • We've emailed everyone in pre-interview admissions assessment subjects to let you know what to do if you can't access your school or Test Centre due to Covid-19.
  • Please do not post anything to Christ's during the application process: the admissions team is working from home.
  • We ask you about your educational experience during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Educational Experience Survey (5 Nov deadline) and there are questions regarding remote interviews in the extra questions form (also due 5 Nov). Interviews will be remote interviews - you will not need to travel to Cambridge. For overseas interviews, please see this page.
  • The subject information page has info relevant to your subject, including any updates on pre-interview assessments.
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Changes to the application process

This list is not necessarily exhaustive, but we're keeping it updated in note form as well as we can. See also the subject information.

  • Change 1 (1 July): The following university-wide statement has been issued: 
    In order to minimise Covid-related risks to our applicants, students and staff in the coming undergraduate admissions round, we are making plans to interview applicants this year without requiring them to travel to Cambridge in December. We will release further details about alternative arrangements as soon as we can. An equivalent statement is also available on the overseas interviews page, if relevant.
  • Change 2 (27 Aug): Covid 19 updates for students sitting a pre-interview Admissions Assessment. In particular:
  • Change 3 (10 Sept): The most observant of you will notice that we've extended the interview period listed on our How to apply page - it is currently looking likely that the interview period may need to continue a bit further into December than normal, though we'll only use the later dates if we need to. More detail on interviews in due course once available. 
  • Change 4 (16 Sept): A restriction on use of the Extenuating Circumstances Form - this is not to be used to communicate educational disruption relating only to Covid 19 because Covid 19 disruption information will be collected elsewhere in the application process (details in due course). We do not want to receive an Extenuating Circumstances form for every student.
  • Change 5 (18 Sept): Assessments for Computer Science, Land Economy and Medicine will be delivered on computer, no change to content though. See exam board article and we strongly recommend 'following' this article.
  • Change 6 (1 Oct): This year application decisions will be sent slightly later than usual - we will be emailing decisions on 25 January 2021 (applicants who do not make a valid application will hear from us in late October, and applicants who are not selected for interview will hear from us in November).
  • Change 7 (5 Oct): This year, the Extenuating Circumstances Form is an online form. The link (Christ's applicants only) is available on the Extenuating Circumstances page in our current applicants section, and the deadline is 22 October.
  • Change 8 (12 Oct): Overseas interviews updates - please check the page on overseas interviews if this is relevant as we will be running (remote) overseas interviews in a reduced number of countries.
  • Change 9 (13 Oct): We’ll be collecting information about how your educational experience this year has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic via a form with a 5 November deadline. Info will be included in our email to all applicants on 16 Oct.
  • Change 10 (29 Oct): There's a procedure to follow for any student who is registered for a pre-interview admissions assessment but can't access the school or Test Centre to take it due to Covid-19 issues. We emailed all applicants in the relevant subjects about it.

Thank you for reading. We hope that this page has been helpful - we encourage you to refer back to it for further updates as we progress through the application process. We would also like to wish you our sincere best wishes in these difficult times.

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