Intimate Distances



Image from Intimate Distances - Copyright Issam Kourbaj 2010

We would like to invite you to an exhibition of Intimate Distances

This summer Issam Kourbaj, Christ's Artist in Residence, ran a 2 week long photography project called ‘Intimate distances’, with two College Students Hannah Newton and Sophie Skarbek. This project aimed to experience the College in different ways and leave a lasting trace.

Christ’s College is full of beautiful landmarks which we walk past every day: the clock in first court, the Master’s Lodge, the Great Gate. These landmarks are outside and readily visible - others are less obvious, inside buildings or around corners. ‘Intimate distances’ sought to visit these more private spaces (such as Darwin’s room, the muniment room and Fellows and student rooms), to darken them and set up a pinhole in the room so that the outside landscape is partially invited in. The result was a juxtaposition of these inner and outer landscapes; a dialogue between public and private spaces; a conversation between light and shade.

 The resulting catalogue consists of twelve images resulting from the project and twelve poetic / prose responses to those images. The exhibition of these works will run in the Visual Arts Centre, Christ's College till Friday 10 December. Viewing by appointment only: Issam Kourbaj <>

With poetic / prose responses by:

Tamsin Astbury, Jack Belloli, Gale Burns, Tom Gilliver, Colin Higgins, Sarah Howe, Matt Kirkham, Helen Mort, Jamie Patton, Michael Squire, Carrie Vout and Daniel Wakelin.