The Anne McLaren Memorial Fund


In the Yusuf Hamied Theatre at 5:30pm.

Speakers:  Susan Bewley, Melanie Davies

Panellists:  Irenee Daly, Carrie Friese

Chair:  Sarah Franklin

Many young people now defer child-bearing to fit with education and career aspirations.  BUT fertility declines with age in both men and women.

What are the facts?

What are the treatments?

Can fertility decline be prevented or circumvented?

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Anne Mclaren (1927-2007) a distinguished scientist, teacher and mentor and encourager of young and unconventional talent - especially in women. was also a fellow commoner of Christ’s College and honorary fellow at King’s College. She was a founder of the Association of Women in Science and Engineering, and its President for many years. She was active internationally in the application of basic reproductive knowledge to the fields of contraception, fertility regulation, infertility treatment and the prevention of HIV infection.  Anne was Foreign Secretary and Vice President of the Royal Society - the first woman to hold office (1991-1996).  Her friends, colleagues and family established a fund in her memory to mark her many contributions.