Working Library

The Working Library aims to provide the required texts and background materials for Tripos Parts I and II.

It comprises the Arthur Peck Reading Room (floor 1), the Bookstacks (floors 2 and 3), the Law Library and the Annexe.

For more specialised material, students are advised to make use of the facilities offered by Departmental and Faculty Libraries and by Cambridge University Library.

Books needed for Tripos exams are likely to be located in the Reading Room, the Bookstacks, and the Law Library.

The general reference section in the Reading Room includes Cambridge University examination papers, encyclopaedias, and dictionaries. There is also a general interest section consisting of travel books, translations of foreign works of fiction, self-help books and a growing selection of DVDs.

The Law Library is situated off First Court and is only accessible to law students. It provides 12 reading spaces and is a reference collection consisting of law reports, journals, and statutes. Law texts available for borrowing are located on floor 2 of the Working Library.

The Annexe contains older books, and is closed to readers, though books located there may be borrowed if required.


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