If you are about to graduate the College would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and to wish you every success for the future.  Here in College we make every effort to ensure you have a special and memorable graduation day.

Graduating in person
Undergraduate students usually proceed to the B.A. Degree,, their first degree in most cases, as soon as they are qualified to do so. However, if a student is intending to be a candidate for the M.Eng, M.Math. and M.Sci. Degrees they must defer taking the B.A. Degree until the end of their fourth year. Congregations for General Admission are held at the end of June.

Graduate students can graduate at one of the Congregation ceremonies that take place in the Senate House on Saturdays at regular intervals through the academic year.

University of Cambridge General Information on degree ceremonies can be found here.

Graduating in absentia
The University asks that we make those proceeding in absentia  aware that once your degree is awarded, it will not be possible for you to return to Cambridge at a later date and graduate in person as your degree will have been conferred and a degree certificate issued.   Please email the Tutorial Office to say you wish to proceed in absentia and provide a postal address.  Providing you have been approved for your degree your name will be added to the degree list for the next available ceremony.  Your degree certificate will be sent to you during the week following the degree ceremony.

Official Transcripts
Following graduation, the Student Registry will issue an official transcript of your degree, which will be sent to you in the post by the Tutorial Office.  It can take a few weeks for transcripts to be prepared. Please make sure you have recorded a ‘First Destination’ postal address and email address on your CamSIS Self-Service account before the end of Easter Full Term so we know where to send your transcript to!

The Cambridge MA Degree
As a Bachelor of Arts a student may be admitted as a Master of Arts not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence if two years have elapsed since they were admitted as a Bachelor of Arts. The Degree of Master of Arts denotes a person's standing in the University, and gives admission to membership of the Senate; it does not depend upon further study, or residence, or payment of a fee. The Development Office arranges an annual event for alumni newly eligible for the M.A. degree to return to College in March each year to collect it.  They will contact you a few months in advance with details about the day.

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