Finance, Fees and Funding

Students receive their College bills by email and are expected to settle them in a timely manner and by the deadline.
All fee payments are managed by the Student Billing Team located in the College Accounts Office in Y8, Third Court.

Contact details for bill queries:

Below is a guide to helpful information available on the College website regarding finance and funding from a variety of sources.

Funding Support
This page contains an overview and links to information regarding structured funding opportunities both in Cambridge and elsewhere.  By 'structured funding' we mean schemes with defined deadlines set well in advance with a formal (and often competitive) application process.   It is important to note that most fully funded opportunities at Cambridge are only available to students about to start a new course. Once you are registered as a student, there are few full scholarships available.

Information on Other Awards and Grants
On this page you will find links to the awards and grants pages of the main UK academic societies.  These awards and grants are mainly for short term travel and research expenses or undergraduate holiday internship schemes, but some societies do have longer term post graduate research funding available so they could be worth investigating.

Awards, Grants and Prizes
This page gives an overview of the range of short term Christ's College awards, grants and prizes for specific travel and other activities/academic expenses once you are a student here. Some are limited only to undergraduates or graduates, others are open to all students.

This online virtual student noticeboard is kept very up to date and from time to time it does post financial opportunities for students that come to our attention.   We recommend that students check it regularly to keep informed of third party grants and other available funding streams.

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