This page outlines a range of Christ's College awards, grants and prizes for specific travel, sporting, academic-related and leisure activities.  For information on potential awards and grants from non-College sources please visit our Information on Other Awards and Grants web page.  


1.1  Long Vacation Travel Grants (Deadline Friday 27 April 2018, first Friday of Easter Term). 
1.2 Easter Vacation Travel Grants
There are five small travel funds that specifically allow for Easter Vacation travel but only students studying one of the following subjects qualify:  Architecture, Education + a language, History of Art, Linguistics, Modern and Medieval Languages, and Theology.  Due to the limited number of students who satisfy the criteria a general application form is not posted on this web page but instead is emailed to those eligible students only. Apart from these five funds no other travel grants are available from the College for Easter Vacation travel.
1.3  Departmental Approved Vacation Courses
Undergraduate students cannot apply for a travel grant towards the cost of an approved vacation course (download the current list here) unless the expense to the student will be more than £150 per week.
1.4  Year Abroad
The College does not provide travel or financial support grants to undergraduate students taking part in a formal exchange programme or going on a year abroad as part of their course.  Direct Gov has a specific web page for students going abroad for a year.   The website Third Year Abroad (produced in partnership with HEFCE, the British Council and the Erasmus Exchange Programme) is the UK's biggest network of students who study or work abroad during their degree, and signing up is worth considering.  Home and EU students undertaking a full year abroad are liable to pay 15% tuition fees. Overseas students undertaking a full year abroad are liable to pay 50% tuition fees.
1.5 Book Grants for First Years
Book grants are available to all first-year undergraduate students regardless of subject.  Electronic books are included in the scheme as well as paperbacks and hardbacks, new or second-hand.  The maximum grant is £120, and you may submit multiple claims during the year in order to reach this total.  Please contact the Tutorial Office for details of the College's discount and order arrangement with Heffers of Cambridge for this grant.  Alternatively paper forms can be collected from outside the Tutorial Office. The funding for these grants has been generously provided by the Levy–Plumb Fund for the Humanities (a list of subjects can be found on the form) or by Professor Stephen Blyth (for books purchased by students in all other subjects).
1.6   Christmas and Easter vacations: Residence in College
These grants, supported by Levy–Plumb Fund for the Humanities in Christ’s College, allow undergraduates to reside in College for a maximum of 7 nights during the Christmas and Easter vacations to undertake reading and dissertation research They are only made to undergraduates in second year or above who are studying one of a defined list of Humanities subjects.     Students who are not studying one of these subjects may still request via their Tutor to reside in College for part of these vacations for academic purposes but no financial support is available from a College fund to offset additional costs.   All students should note that they may be required to move to a temporary room if they request residence during any vacation.  A form for a Christmas vacation study grant is available to download  here. Deadline for submitted forms: 20 January 2018.
1.7  Long Vacation:  Residence in College
Deadline for applications is Friday 25 May 2018 and the application form will be available to download by the start of Lent Term 2018. Copies can also be obtained from outside the Tutorial Office. Undergraduate students who wish to stay in College for any period over the summer months must complete an application form and arrange for a Tutor (and DoS where appropriate) signature. Students who are undertaking an unpaid placement or academic study are eligible for financial support.  Please see Part II of the form for more details. Students taking up either a paid summer vacation job or an internship or placement which pays a reasonable allowance for living expenses are not eligible for financial support and will be expected to pay room charges as they arise during the vacation period.  The fixed charge per night (regardless of room location) is £17.75. Accommodation is limited, is not guaranteed and is likely to be a temporary room (possibly away from the main College site). 
1.8  Sir Ian McFarlane Awards for Excellence -  Tutor nomination only
Sir Ian McFarlane was a distinguished Australian industrialist who was elected Fellow-Commoner of the College in 1987.  He founded these awards in 1988 which are administered by two Fellows of the College.   Three undergraduate students, one each from First, Second and Third years respectively, are proposed by Tutors and the winners are selected by the Managers to receive an ‘Award for Excellence’ to the value of £1000.  The criterion of 'excellence' is broadly defined and covers scholarship, College activities and personal qualities.   The successful students are informed at the end of Michaelmas Term and a presentation is made on the last day of term. 


2.1   Old Members' Sporting Awards
Through the generosity of its Alumni, the College is able to offer annually a number of “awards for students of the College who have displayed outstanding aptitude at one or more Blue or Half-Blue Sports to enable them to participate in such Sports without financial hardship.”   The most prestigious awards carry the names of A.C. Blyth, W. Blyth, Richard de la Hoyde, Garry Owen, Jeremy Taylor and Wilfred Wooller, with a presentation arranged for the last day of Lent Term.  Applications for the 2017-18 Sporting Awards can be submitted from the start of Michaelmas Term 2017 up to the deadline of 9 February 2018.   Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.    There is no form but application guidelines can be downloaded here.   Members of the College who would like to be considered for a Sporting Award are asked to write by hard copy letter to the Senior Tutor (email applications are not acceptable) by the annual deadline giving full details of their sporting achievements and ongoing expenses.
2.2    Levy-Plumb Fund for the Humanities
There are three meetings per year (late January, early May and late June). The deadline for the next meeting is 20 January 2018.  The Levy-Plumb Fund exists to foster the Humanities in Christ’s College, including the academic study of the Humanities but also extending beyond it.  Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply.  The main criterion for support from the Levy-Plumb Fund is the activity applied for must relate to one or more of a defined list of subjects.  Please download and read this guidance notice for more information.   The Chair of the Managers Fund Committee is Dr Felix Waldmann. There is no form: application is by narrative letter to be addressed to Dr Waldmann and sent by email to Miss Dee Kunze (dk295) or by hard copy to Room Y4/Tutorial Office by the relevant deadline.  NB:  Graduate students should note that applications for part-funding of graduate courses/PhDs are only accepted once a year at the June meeting.  They are not accepted at either the January or May meetings.
2.3     Levy-Plumb Fund for the Humanities:: CULP Language Course Support: no deadline, open for applications throughout the year
Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.  Students undertaking short language courses in the University Language Centre can apply to have up to 50% of the course fee refunded by the Levy-Plumb Fund.   The ADTIS (Academic Development and Training for International Students) In-Sessional courses which form part of a graduate student's condition of admission to Cambridge are not eligible for financial support from the College.  Students should download and complete this application form and bring to their Tutor for signature. You must submit a receipt with the form to obtain 50% of the cost and you must also submit a Certificate of Attendance to the Tutorial Office after the course has been completed.


3.2 PhD students may apply by the deadlines of 15th of November, February, May and August each year for travel and other grants using this form.  
3.3 Clinical Medical students can apply to their Director of Studies, Professor Gillard, for a once-off Medical Elective Grant, worth up to £1,000, to undertake an approved elective anywhere in the world.  Applications should include a detailed plan for the travel period and an estimate of costs.
3.4 Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust Scholars should note there are limited resources for the provision of additional grants for purposes such as fieldwork, attendance at conferences, overruns or hardship. Undergraduates, students on one-year taught postgraduate courses and students receiving part-scholarships are not normally eligible for additional grants from the Trust. Summer schools and study tours are not included.   The Trust’s application form can be collected from the Trust’s offices or downloaded here.   When completing an application form, please bear in mind the points detailed in each of the required sections.  Further information about support from the Cambridge Trust can be found here.

3.5 All other graduate students may visit their Graduate Tutor on an ad hoc basis to enquire about small grants for academic related travel/expenses.


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