Arrangement of Books

Books are arranged by subject according to the Library of Congress classification scheme. Explanatory leaflets are available from the Library Office.

A rough guide to the classification scheme is shown below.

Floor 1
General Works, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries etc. A
Philosophy B - BD
Psychology BL - BX
Auxiliary sciences of History, Archaeology, Biography etc. C
History D – F

Floor 2
Geography / Anthropology / Recreation G
Social Sciences / Economics / Sociology H
Political Science J
Law K
Education L
Music M
Fine Arts N
Language and Literature P1 - PR1118
  Philology and Linguistics P
  Classical Languages & Literature PA
  Modern European Languages PB - PH
  Oriental Languages & Literatures PJ - PK
  Languages & Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa,Oceania PL
  Literature PN
  Romance Literatures PQ

Floor 3
Language and Literature cont. PR - PZ
  English Literature PR
  American Literature PS
  Germanic Literatures PT
Science Q
  Mathematics QA
  Astronomy / Physics QB - QC
  Chemistry QD
  Geology QE
  Natural History / Biology QH
  Botany QK
  Zoology QL
  Human anatomy QM
  Physiology QP
  Microbiology QR
Medicine R
Agriculture S
Technology T
Military & Naval science U - V
Library science Z

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