New Court
  New Court accommodation above Yusuf Hamied Centre

Please could all Christ's applicants complete the Additional Applicant Information Form (AAIF) by 2 November.

Questions about late forms / documents? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us.

This form includes a number of things needed at this stage:

  • it asks some questions on course and entry year options
  • it has questions about the practicalities for remote interviews - everything from time zones to technology
  • there are also questions on the impact that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had on your education over the last 12 months.

When you submit your AAIF form, you will see a screen confirming it has been received safely. Please make sure that you see this screen.

Thank you very much.

Deadline AAIF link
Thursday 2 November (23:59 UK time) Click here for the AAIF Form

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