Dr Rune Nyord

Archaeology and Anthropology


Rune Nyord has been a member of Christ’s College since 2010, first as the Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellow, and since 2014 as a Fellow working on the project Conceptions of the ‘afterlife’ in ancient Egyptian mortuary religion funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Before coming to Cambridge he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Copenhagen, where he received his dr.phil. degree (higher doctorate) in 2010.

His research interests focus on ancient Egyptian conceptions of the human being, drawing on a wide range of material culture and textual sources. Topics of previous publications include ancient Egyptian conceptions of the body, the cognitive principles underlying ancient Egyptian art, issues of representation and personhood in the decoration of coffins and the use of funerary figurines, and ancient Egyptian conceptions and experiences of time.

2010 to 2017
Admitted to the Fellowship