Dr Mike Stock

Charles Darwin and Galapagos Islands Fund Junior Research Fellow
Natural Sciences (Physical)

I am an igneous petrologist and volcanologist. My research is focussed on developing analytical techniques and the theoretical understanding required to interpret petrologic records of pre-eruptive magmatic processes. In doing this, I hope to identify controls on the timing and style of volcanic activity. My ultimate aim is to pair petrographic and geochemical information with monitoring data in active systems to improve eruption forecasting and hazard assessment.

Dissolved gases exert a fundamental control on the physical properties of magmas in the Earth’s crust and exsolution of these gaseous species provides the driving force behind volcanic eruptions. Constraining gas behaviours and fluxes is therefore critical for understanding magmatic processes and volcano monitoring. My recent research has specifically focussed on developing novel petrologic methods for assessing pre-eruptive magmatic gas contents through analysis of of hydrous minerals (apatite in particular).

At Christ’s, I will continue Charles Darwin’s work investigating the geology of the Galápagos Islands. Darwin made field observations and collected a large suite of volcanic rock samples that led him to make ground-breaking discoveries and advance our understanding of sub-volcanic processes. I will use state-of-the-art analytical techniques and modern petrologic models to further constrain magmatic processes in the Galápagos Archipelago.


Selected publications

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