Dr Isabelle Vella Gregory

Junior Research Fellow
Archaeology and Anthropology

An archaeologist, Isabelle comes from the island of Malta and had an interest in archaeology from an early age. Growing up surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the form of Neolithic Temples and a very varied material culture stretching from prehistory to more recent times, Isabelle has always been fascinated by people in the past (and more recent present). She read for a BA(Hons) in Archaeology at the University of Malta and after graduation worked as a sub-editor and journalist at the Sunday Times (Malta), where she focused on culture and heritage. She pursued her MPhil in archaeology at Wolfson College, Cambridge and subsequently decided to read for a PhD at Magdalene. Her interests lie in Mediterranean prehistory, particularly figurative representation and the body, theory and method and material culture studies. Isabelle's approach is based on multidisciplinarity, paying particular attention to how people have conceptualized power and its performance in the landscape. Her doctoral research resulted in a new approach to the archaeology of Sardinia and the study of figurative representation in Mediterranean prehistory. She is also the author of The Human Form in Neolithic Malta and will be returning to Maltese archaeology during her Fellowship.