Lynne Brown

Forthcoming exhibition: March 11-Apr 10

Sensing Space. Streets, Green Houses and Sofas: The Enchantment of Everyday Objects.

Venue: Museum of Classical Archaeology, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge

I am a contemporary figurative artist and my studio is based in Christ’s College, Cambridge. With degrees in Art and Art History and Painting Conservation, for many years I worked as a Painting Conservator, initially at the Yorkshire and Humberside Museum’s Council, and later on a freelance basis. Throughout these years I continued to draw and paint.  Almost seventeen years ago I discovered working in pastel, which since has become the primary medium of my work.

My work has always been somewhat autobiographical in content. Some works are from direct observation and others are constructs based on real life experience and locations. From earlier works in Durham, I am trying to develop my long interest in the use of line, subtle colour and tone to convey a sense of light and atmosphere. At Christ’s College, I have tried to combine this interest with a desire to explore the perception of space. In many works, this is done through evocations of ‘pictorial space’ beyond the picture plane.  Alongside this interest, I am currently creating a body of work interpreting the sense of social space, especially as a consequence of our use of new communications media.


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