Loukas Morley

Loukas MorleyLoukas Morley is an artist & furniture maker. His particular skill is pulling the poetry out of the chaos so that you stop and say, oh. Using the media of collage, bricolage, gestural drawings and paintings he practises intuitive responses to feelings and thoughts, and faithfulness to ideas. He has the mind of a mathematician, that astonishing and for most of us elusive science dealing with (as Chambers tells us) ‘measurements, numbers, quantities, and shapes, usually expressed as symbols’. In mathematics,balance is all: an extra mark to the left or the right and the equation tips, the party’s over.

Loukas’s work is precise and spare, but what his simplicity of line and mark triggers in us is a rich and luxurious poem of our own.His portrayal wakes us up to the importance of things which have been thrown away or stood on,which once were loved and have become unloved.

Loukas uses reclaimed materials and found objects and frames them so that they become the starting point for something else, or can be looked at as they are now but in a cool, calm setting so that a discarded and squashed shopping basket is made central. Its setting lets us see and recognise it again, and differently.Loukas Morley - Crayola's Cousin, 60 x 60 cm wax crayons on cotton paper, 2011

Loukas rescues materials and shows us what we have let happen to them, and if we see with proper eyes we recognise what they were before, and the recognition causes a deeper feeling to open its eye inside us so that we are more sensible to things and to ourselves. Some call this feeling humanity and others call it God, but whatever we call it we’re generally better for having it.

Loukas’s bespoke furniture is created either from found or purchased wood, and incidental decorative materials. He prefers to work with the found rather than the bought, because he knows that generally speaking all that we need is somewhere close to us already if we’ll only be patient and look for it, and sometimes wait for quite some time until the right material presents itself. His work is robust, and elegant, and resonates with that quality which no human being should ever have to live without: beauty.

written by Judith Liddell-King

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Loukas Morley - O painting series 1, 130 x 30 cm mixed oils on cotton paper, 2010
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