Golnar Malek MA. MSt.(Cantab)

"Today, tomorrow or yesterday, happen at the same time in different realms. I sometimes have a glimpse of what might be a reality of its own. It is the ʻvisualʼ that remembers when the journey together and the journey within one's soul make meaningful connections."

Golnar Malek - Realm, 2

Golnar's work captures the movement of emotional journey in the passage of time. It uses light as a material which reflects from behind a heavily textured canvas. The fluidity of both the process of making the work and the end product doesn’t recognize the boundaries of time-space. The making involves a back and forth practice between building layers and carving them and the visual outcome is an expression that stretches the boundaries of two dimensional artwork. She thinks that her work is just like a relief that plays at the borders of belief and playfully relieves the humanly pain in the making.

This practice is more concerned with how and why people survive emotional turmoil and are ‘reborn’ than it is with how life happens to them. Very much interested in what makes people change tracks in life, she is particularly inspired by places in which people from different backgrounds and all walks of life make meaningful connections, such as instant cities like Dubai; creative cities like Cambridge; epics like the Shahnameh; and dancing circles like Milongas. Her paintings are spontaneous emotional responses to the worlds within and outside the self and are the outcome of an intellectual process which has its roots in sufi poetry and in my time at the Cambridge University and Christ’s College Visual Arts Centre in particular. An example of her work above: Realm 2, 90 by 90, back lit mixed media on canvas.

She has been exhibiting widely and her last ventures were in Tehran, London, and Amsterdam. From all the distances she has gone Cambridge Colleges were the only places she has donated work to. Her pieces are kept in public collections both at Christ’s College and Murray Edwards College.


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