Information for 27 October Open Day participants

This page is for students who have a place on our 27 October Online Open Day

Front gateWelcome to the 27 October Open Day page! For those who have a confirmed place, this event includes a combination of elements. Details are below but there are two essential notes:

  • All joining details and recordings will be sent by email only.
  • We ask that you watch the Director of Admissions's pre-recorded film before attending her session.

This page has the current updates for participants and details of the different elements of the event:

Updates for participants
This box is like a notice board for the open day - please keep an eye on it for updates.

The key emails for this event:

  • EMAIL 1 - Place confirmation & event info.
    An automatic email sent on the day you registered.
  • EMAIL 2 - Programme of live sessions, pre-recorded talk and joining details for live sessions 
    This was sent on 25 Oct - a first email with the timetable and details and a second email with the pre-recorded talk link.
  • EMAIL 3 - Email to parents & guardians.
    This was sent on 25 Oct
  • EMAIL 4 - After Open Day - Access recordings and additional films, feedback & follow-up links. 
    This will be sent shortly after the open day

Pre-recorded talk

Our Director of Admissions, Dr Emily Tomlinson, has recorded an open day presentation for you to watch before the open day. This is to maximise your opportunity to ask questions during the admissions sessions and also to help you get more out of the other sessions. The 18:00 live admission session with Dr Tomlinson (see timetable below) will be mainly Q&A, answering your follow-up questions from the presentation.

Live sessions online

The table below shows the times of the live sessions. We realise that you will not all be available for every session (see recordings) and we realise that some of you may have already a attended a session or two as part of our regular webinar series.

To get the most out of the online open day, we recommend that you watch the pre-recorded talk in advance of all live sessions and write down any questions that come to mind.

Date Time
Session For


Joining details
27 Oct 9am Christ's College: A look at the grounds and facilities Prospective students & parents/guardians 1 hour EMAIL 2 / EMAIL 3 for parents
27 Oct 11am Student life - Info and Q&A with current students Prospective students & parents/guardians 45 mins EMAIL 2 / EMAIL 3 for parents
27 Oct 12:37 Subject meetings (camera on!) with subject specialists
(please join at 12:37 to give yourself time to join the relevant room and get settled)
Prospective students only
*Camera on if you can*
More info
40 mins EMAIL 2
27 Oct 14:30 Preparing for an application in Year 12 / S5 Scotland / Y13 Northern Ireland / equivalent Prospective students & parents/guardians 30 - 45 mins EMAIL 2 / EMAIL 3 for parents
27 Oct 18:00 - 19:30

Applying to Christ's Q&A with Director of Admissions and two student panelists.

Please watch the pre-recorded talk before the session.

Prospective students & parents/guardians 1 hour 30 mins EMAIL 2 / EMAIL 3 for parents
28 Oct - 2 Nov All day Open Day Recordings (except subject meetings) and additional films Prospective students & parents/guardians various EMAIL 4


We will give open day participants time-limited access to a set of session recordings (except for subject sessions, which are only available live). The link to recordings will be sent by email shortly after the open day (EMAIL 4 - see updates) and the recordings will then be available until the end of Tuesday 2 November (midnight). We hope that this will enable you to watch anything you wanted to see if the time of the session was inconvenient in your case. There will also be a few additional films available at this point.


Information for parents & guardians

You will see in the list of live sessions that parents and guardians (parents is shorthand - any supporters) are welcome in most live events, but we would like the subject meetings to be for prospective students only (these are indicated in the table). Thank you for your help with this!

At 18:00 (UK time) on 27 October there is an opportunity to join the Q&A with our Director of Admissions so that you can ask questions. If you would like to take part, please ensure that you watch the pre-recorded talk BEFORE joining this session, as the Q&A is for further questions following the talk. In order to make the session as helpful as possible, we are hoping that the questions will be further questions, following on from watching the film (which should already answer quite a lot of initial questions). Many thanks.

If your child gave us an email address for you on the booking request form, you will have received "EMAIL 3" with joining details. If your child did not provide an email address or you would like to receive more than this, please simply ask your child to forward emails 2 and 4 to you (you can see the updates when they have been sent, if you want to check). Note that we are not able to add email addresses to the parents list (aiming to keep this simple). If your child is not organised with their email (!) now is a great time to have a chat about this, as they will need to be reading their email and keeping track of important emails received during the application process.

If you are reading this and have not yet booked a place

This open day is for students applying next year (for Oct 23 or deferred Oct 24 entry). Booking is still open. There's plenty of space so we'll leave the booking form open even on 27 Oct - even if it's part way through the day you can sign up to receive the joining details in the automatic email for sessions still to come. The last one starts at 18:00. Note that the automatic email sometimes takes a bit of time to come through so ideally don't leave it until the last minute....


If you would like to visit the College grounds in person

We are running this open day online, but if you are keen to visit in person, you would be welcome to combine the online open day with a self directed visit to the Christ's College grounds on another day (when you like as long as we're open). Please read the information at the link carefully to avoid disappointment (it would be a visit on your own or with one or two parents or guardians and you need to come within our opening times etc.) and ensure that you also check it for updates just before your visit.

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