Covid-19 disruption - updates for offer holders

This page pulls together info relating to offer holders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Welcome! Those of you who have been reading the Christ's website for a while as applicants will know that we've been running this 2021 entry (and deferred 2022) updates page in an attempt to reassure / help you in the context of global Covid-19 disruptions. We are updating it as things progress.





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  • April 2021: Different countries have very different levels of Covid-19 infections at the moment, and we wish students in lockdown all the best. Do let us know if you are holding a conditional offer and there are changes to the way your exams will be run (except if you're in the UK). Many thanks!
  • With lockdowns in multiple countries at the moment and (depending on which country/exam system you're in) changes and potential changes to assessment arrangements in the summer, we encourage you to keep learning as calmly as you can at the moment. In every case remember that sixth form not only gets you grades, but also prepares you for the transition to university. Your current work is the foundation that you will be building on as a university student- it is all very important and valuable so if you were working towards exams which have now been cancelled or disrupted, we encourage you to do what you can to keep your motivation up and keep working hard. Pay attention to looking after yourself and those around you too - please get proper sleep, eat well, get enough exercise and keep in touch with friends and family even if only remotely.
  • Please do not post anything to Christ's: the admissions team continues to work from home.
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Please continue to keep a record / log of disruption

Depending on how things pan out, we may need to ask you further questions later in the year about Covid-19 disruption. As offer holders we therefore encourage you to continue to keep a record of how your education is affected by the pandemic.

For all periods of not attending school or your normal teachers not being able to teach you, please ensure that you keep your own written record of the actual disruption (including exact dates). Disruption might include, but is not limited to, periods of self-isolation, lockdown in your country, disruptive teacher absences, school closures and disruptions to or cancellation of exams you were due to take.

Please also keep a log of what teaching & learning alternatives (if any) are provided by your school. Please note online learning resources or teaching provided, dates available etc, and any particular challenges. Many thanks!


Exams / assessment

Below is a basic summary of what is happening with UK exams in 2021, though of course we also have students applying with a wide range of other qualifications taken around the world, who will also need to keep an eye on national information. We will do our best to update you with links relating to exam announcements in this section as the year progresses.


Exams Info Website Further detail / where further detail will be
A level exams in England A levels themselves have been cancelled and will be replaced with teacher-managed assessments. 25 Feb - Awarding qualifications in summer 2021



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Advanced Highers in Scotland Scottish Advanced Highers will not take place. They will be replaced with awards based on teacher judgement of evidence of pupils’ attainment (details not yet confirmed). Info on website Keep an eye here
A levels in Wales A levels approved by Qualifications Wales will not take place but will be replaced by a set of teacher-managed assessments Info on website  
International Baccalaureate The IB Diploma exams are still scheduled to go ahead in May 2021 in some but not all countries. Please keep an eye on the website for updates and keep us updated if you will not sit exams. Info on IBO website Covid-19 updates


Thank you for reading. We hope that this page has been helpful - we encourage you to refer back to it for further updates as we progress through the year. We would also like to wish you our sincere best wishes in these difficult times.

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