Coronavirus disruptions for offer holders

If you are a prospective student rather than an offer holder, please see this page instead. Many thanks!

We would like to send our very best wishes to Christ's offer holders affected by Coronavirus disruptions. We understand that the circumstances are very difficult at the moment and most (though not all) of you have had to study from home and deal with cancelled exams etc, as well as whatever else is happening in your household.

This is a basic page to keep you updated with specific information for you as Christ's College offer holders. It is being updated as things develop and further information emerges. Although we know that there are not answers to everything at the moment, we are doing our best to keep you updated with info as well as we can.

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The 2020-21 academic year

We now know that University lectures will be online in 2020-21. A bit more explanation about lectures: remember that these are the large-group teaching sessions arranged by your University faculty or department and you would normally attend them with all students in the university (across all Colleges) who are taking the same course option. The largest ones have 200+ people attending. They are normally a one-way delivery of information (the lecturer talks, you take notes or fill in a handout/worksheet). Find out more about lectures in CamGuides: lectures.

As mentioned in Dr Sam Lucy's email to offer holders, lectures are only one part of the rich education that Cambridge offers and freeing up space in lecture halls will allow us to concentrate on delivering small group teaching, language classes, lab work and practicals. If you're not sure what these other forms of teaching normally involve, a good place to look is:

Then there are also the social aspects of living in the College community, societies and sports etc. The CamGuides were written before the Coronavirus disruptions, but they provide a useful introduction to the different aspects of student life and the University and College is working hard to make sure they can run as well as possible. Further information: College news on the 2020-21 academic year


Studying from home


  • A lot of you are studying from home. Please try not to worry. Make sure that you keep up with any work set by your teachers, revise the material you have covered so that you know it thoroughly, and remember that all anybody can ask of you is that you do your very best in the circumstances.
  • Don't forget that you will be saving some time by not travelling to school so, as long as you can remain disciplined and motivated, you will have some extra time for study! This may also be a chance to develop your independent study skills further. A good thing to do may be to make yourself a little list of the positive things, that you think you might get out of the circumstances.
  • Try buddying up with a friend (maybe digitally), and work out a schedule or timetable of study. Check in on each other regularly to keep yourselves motivated.
  • Try discussing your work or other related material with a friend, or a group of friends. Could you form a chat group and find some relevant topics to research and then discuss together?
  • We have a page with advice here: information for offer holders studying from home.
  • Don't forget that there are free on-line resources available on our website under the link for each subject offered at this College. On each subject page you'll find the resources under the heading "Helpful resources". As well as the info for offer holders studying at home, we also have an online learning resources page for Year 12 students, which you may nonetheless find helpful too in places. There are also free online learning resources organised by subject on the university's HE+ website.

Advice: Keep your academic motivation and focus 
It's important to be clear that the work you are doing this year lays the foundation that you will need to build on at university. You are constantly developing your knowledge and skills for a smooth transition onto your chosen course. Whatever happens in the next few months, learning your A level, IB or equivalent material well and practicing the skills you are developing will be important.


Useful links

UCAS UCAS updates on Coronavirus (UCAS is being helpful on Twitter too)
Cambridge University Coronavirus advice for offer holders
Christ's College, Cambridge As well as this page, please see this information for offer holders studying at home
Please follow guidance issued by the authorities in your country E,g, UK Guidance. This includes info for social distancing, self isolation, and household isolation. The University also has a dedicated page.
Look after your mental health

NHS Every Mind Matters
Unicef advice for teenagers
UCAS mental heath & wellbeing in partnership with Student Minds

Exercise Sport England list of indoor exercise apps and classes
Gym-free workouts
NHS Exercise films


Thank you for reading. We hope that this has been helpful, and we would like to wish you our sincere best wishes for the coming months.

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