The Hall

The Hall, one of the finest amongst the Cambridge Colleges,dates from 1857-1879 with fine stained glass panels, making it a unique historic setting for lunch, dinner or a banquet. There is seating for up to one hundred and ten delegates in the main body of the room and a further twenty can be seated in the gallery above. It can also be used for buffet/receptions for groups of up to one hundred and fifty.

Whilst the Hall is a stunning setting in daylight, its true beauty can be fully appreciated in the evening with candlelit tables and soft lighting. 


The Old Combination Room

A delightful room, panelled with pine, giving the room a warm, rich feel.  It is an ideal setting for formal dinners for the smaller conference, seating up to thirty six delegates. It can also be used for a buffet/reception for up to fifty five delegates. Adjoining this room there are doors that open onto the Minstrels’ Gallery and guests are able to view the Hall below.


Mountbatten Room

This is an elegant dining room, named after one of Christ’s famous alumni, Lord Louis Mountbatten.  With seating for up to twenty this is an ideal setting for a small lunch party or intimate candlelit dinner in complete privacy. It can also be used for less formal occasions such as a buffet reception.

The Upper Hall

A modern, self-service dining Hall seating up to 90 delegates at any one time. It is used for breakfast for all conferences.

The Buttery

A beamed room located in First Court, close to the Hall and over looking the College Chapel and other buildings dating back to the early 16th century, making it a perfect location for drinks before and after meals.

As a licensed premises the opening hours of the bar are of course regulated.


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